Classic Drum: electronic drums
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Classic Drum: electronic drums

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Classic Drum is an Android app that offers users the opportunity to play drums on their mobile device. With a realistic interface and high-quality sound, the app provides a great drumming experience for both beginners and professionals. The app features five drum kits, including classic, rock, hip-hop, electro, and percussion, with multiple drum sounds available for each kit. Users can play along to their favorite songs or create their own drum tracks, and the app also features a recording function for users to save and share their performances.

In addition to its drumming features, Classic Drum offers various practice modes to help users improve their skills. The app includes a metronome, a speed trainer, and a play-along feature that allows users to play along to preset patterns at various speeds. Users can also customize their drum kits, adjust the volume and sensitivity of each drum, and use the app's built-in mixer to adjust the balance of each drum sound. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, Classic Drum is a great app for anyone looking to practice and improve their drumming skills on-the-go.


  • Five drum kits with multiple drum sounds

  • Recording function to save and share performances

  • Metronome, speed trainer, and play-along features for practice

  • Customizable drum kits with adjustable volume and sensitivity for each drum

  • Built-in mixer to adjust balance of drum sounds.

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