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Psiphon is an Android app that allows users to access the internet freely and securely, bypassing censorship and other forms of online restrictions. It uses a combination of VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy technologies to provide a secure and fast connection.

One of the key features of Psiphon is its ability to bypass internet censorship and restrictions imposed by governments, ISPs, and other organizations. It does this by routing internet traffic through a network of servers located in different countries, effectively masking the user's location and allowing them to access blocked websites and services.

Psiphon also provides a high level of security for users, as all internet traffic is encrypted before it is sent through the app's servers. This helps to protect the user's personal information and browsing activity from being intercepted by hackers and other malicious actors.


  • Bypassing internet censorship and restrictions.

  • High level of security through encryption.

  • Automatic selection of optimal connection settings.

  • Option to customize proxy settings.

  • Option to configure the app to use a specific server or country.

  • Option to configure the app to connect automatically when the device is turned on.

  • Option to configure the app to automatically disconnect when the device's screen is turned off.

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