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ZUBU is a mobile application designed to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle by making it easier to track their fitness and nutrition goals. The app combines features such as meal tracking, exercise tracking, and social networking to provide users with a comprehensive tool for achieving their health goals.

One of the key features of the app is its meal tracking function, which allows users to log their meals and snacks throughout the day. Users can search for food items, add custom meals, and track their calorie intake, making it easy to stay on track with their nutrition goals.

The app also includes a fitness tracking feature, which allows users to log their workouts and track their progress over time. Users can set goals, track their exercise history, and receive personalized recommendations for workouts based on their fitness level and goals.

In addition, the app offers a social networking feature, which allows users to connect with friends and share their progress. Users can create challenges with friends, share their workout achievements, and receive encouragement from their peers.


  • Meal tracking function for logging meals and tracking calorie intake

  • Fitness tracking feature for logging workouts and tracking progress

  • Social networking feature for connecting with friends and sharing progress

  • Personalized recommendations for workouts based on fitness level and goals

  • Goal setting feature for setting and tracking progress towards health goals.

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